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Email Marketing

If designed and executed correctly, permission-based email marketing can be a highly effective and important part of a company's eBusiness strategy. It is a great tool to stay in front of your targeted prospects as well as deepen existing relationships.

eSynergize can help you design, execute and manage winning email campaigns that yield increasingly better results.

The elements of an effective campaign include:

  • effective targeting
  • appealing value propositions
  • compelling content and call to action
  • integrated, well-designed landing pages
  • tracking, data capture and analytics
  • testing and refinement
  • integrated sales approach
  • full compliance with consumer email regulations

Additionally, eSynergize deploys software to efficiently integrate your contact management database, distribute email en masse, and track activities like open rates, click through rates, and sales conversion ratios.

Convert More Prospects

A well conceived email campaign allows a business to convert prospects initially not quite ready to act— to paying customers— by staying top of mind, continuing to build image and differentiate itself, and being in the right place at the right time.

Is your business missing this important opportunity? Let eSynergize help you design, execute, and manage effective email campaigns to drive up leads and sales conversions.

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