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eSynergize's Mortgage Consulting Services

Roots in Mortgage Banking

While possessing a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of Internet marketing and web design, eSynergize’s expertise is deeply rooted in mortgage banking.

Prior to forming eSynergize, our company’s three founders amassed almost 70 years of combined tenure in the mortgage industry, including a decade building and leading the Direct Lending Group for the country’s fourth largest bank.

Before becoming eSynergize’s CEO, Gary Suess headed this national division, which originated mortgage and home equity loans generated through a diverse array of sophisticated consumer direct marketing activities and strategic partnerships. Previous to that, he served as president of two more traditional mortgage companies, leading them from start-up to sustained financial success.

Diverse, Progressive Production Experience

When considering outside assistance, our unique background and long-standing track record of success sets us apart. Very few, if any, other mortgage consultants have directly built and led such a diverse mix of successful production platforms.

eSynergize’s principals have extensive experience with both Retail and Direct Lending sales and fulfillment. They oversaw the design of a nationally recognized website as well as a wide array of origination sourcing strategies, including real estate agent and builder referrals; a strategic partnership with one of the leading security brokerage firms; internal bank referrals; corporate relocation; paid search marketing; aggregator lead purchase; direct mail marketing; email marketing; and portfolio retention.

Track Record of Success

Throughout their mortgage banking careers, our founders consistently demonstrated the ability to understand the market, formulate winning strategies, and execute on them to drive growth and sustained financial success.

And, importantly, the businesses they led continually achieved high customer satisfaction ratings, including receiving JD Power and LendingTree top service awards. Additionally, they have been consistently recognized for safe and sound operations and high quality loan portfolios, marked by prudent risk management and compliance.

Adapting to Change is Key to Mortgage Banking

Considering today’s challenging and still evolving mortgage landscape, finding new ways to profitably source business while ensuring compliance, safety and soundness is more important than ever.

With the industry shifting back to the basics in terms of product and risk management, adapting with new strategies and approaches will be fundamental to success. Mortgage bankers that progressively evolve production sourcing and operate more efficiently with an eye towards the bottom line will emerge as the winners.

Expert Assistance to Help You Succeed

Whether you are looking to implement a targeted lead purchase program, build a direct to consumer platform, enter into strategic partnerships or marketing agreements, or generally broaden your mortgage banking capabilities— eSynergize can provide highly professional, expert assistance.

Our know-how will help you avoid pitfalls, implement faster, lift customer satisfaction, reduce expenses, and ultimately increase ROI.

Call on eSynergize to help you navigate the changing landscape and position your mortgage business for success!



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