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Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) has become a widely used term and highly discussed topic— and rightfully so. It is a very complex matter and not easily achieved, but the journey towards optimization can pay huge dividends for any business.

As the Internet has evolved, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others have become critically important tools to quickly and methodically seek information. The order (or rankings) in which results are presented to searchers can dramatically impact traffic to your site and ultimately sales volume.

How Search Engines Work

Each search engine works differently, but complex algorithms convert search terms into results. Those complicated formulas and logic trees are highly guarded secrets because of their profound impact and the importance of maintaining integrity in the system.

Although the actual methodology remains a secret, study and observation has led to an understanding of the best practices and the means in which to improve rankings. Similarly, it has also led to understanding of what negatively impacts or kills rankings.

How Can Many More Prospects Quickly Find Your Business

eSynergize can assist your business by developing and executing an SEO plan to drive up organic search rankings. The elements of a good SEO plan include keyword analysis and strategies, link building strategies, Website design, quality content creation, and much more— while being absent of artificial, manipulative tactics prohibited by the search engines (learn more here.)

We can also further enhance those efforts with search engine marketing campaigns designed to reach your targeted market. Also known as “paid search” or “pay-per-click” marketing, well designed campaigns can economically deliver many bona fide prospects.

Let our experienced and certified marketers quickly benefit your business— and then continuously improve your results through analytics and ongoing execution. And, you can always rest assured that our methods will be legitimate, “White Hat” SEO that will keep you out of trouble.

Let us eSynergize your business by allowing your targeted prospects to find you ahead of your competition. Contact us now!

Note of Caution:

Many unscrupulous SEO companies have emerged that deploy what is called “Black Hat” or “Gray Hat” SEO methods that are prohibited by search engines.

Search results and rankings are critically important to businesses as they have a profound impact on website traffic and sales volume. Simply put, increasing visibility to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others— and moving up on the results pages— can translate into big profits.

This phenomenon has led to a growing number of websites that offer Search Engine Optimization (or "SEO") to help businesses achieve better results. While many use legitimate methodologies, there are unfortunately a large number that use techniques that violate search engine guidelines.

Three Categories of SEO

Those that use proven best practices and adhere to the guidelines of acceptable practices engage in what is called "White Hat SEO." Conversely, those that blatantly skirt the rules to artificially boost rankings engage in what is labeled "Black Hat SEO."

A third category is referred to as "Gray Hat SEO," which employs techniques that walk a fine line in the middle. These optimizers may not overtly violate the "letter of the law," but tend to breech the spirit of the guidelines and the intent.

How to Spot Black Hat, Gray Hat, and White Hat SEO

Optimizers that use Black Hat and Gray Hat methods typically boast very quick results. Often times, they guarantee a "Top 3" or even "Number 1" ranking on major search engines.

Some use automation or bartered tasks to artificially improve rankings. Other prohibited techniques include the use of "link farms," keyword stuffing, hidden text, "cloaking," and others specifically identified by search engines.

Besides detailing prohibited activities in its Webmaster Guidelines, Google provides this clear warning:

"No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings."

Why is This Important?

If these approaches can get better results, why should it matter? The answer is simple— violating the guidelines can result in penalties, including having your site banned from search engines.

Legitimate search engine optimization is challenging and time intensive; however, the rewards make it worth the effort. The temptation to cut corners and try to accelerate the process through techniques frowned upon by search engine operators is understandable, but the risks are great. Short term gains can easily be overcome by long-term losses.

How to Protect Your Business

The Black and Gray Hat optimizers have proliferated due to the complexity and general lack of understanding of search engine optimization. Typically, businesses simply know that they want to improve their rankings to increase traffic, but are often not even sure where to start.

This can make even the most sophisticated and astute businesses easy prey for unscrupulous SEO companies as they pitch cutting edge techniques promising quick results.

Businesses seeking help with online marketing and SEO should readily ask questions to understand the techniques being used. White Hat SEO firms will typically educate their prospective clients upfront about the methods they plan to use and the importance of adhering to the search engine guidelines.

Overall, the old adage holds true in the SEO world that "if something seems too good to be true, it probably is."

It is often wise to trust first impressions and instincts in choosing an SEO firm. Does the company represent and conduct itself in a professional manner? Does it seem legitimate and reputable? What are its credentials?

Just as they choose employees, businesses should select their business partners carefully. Proper SEO requires attention to detail and takes time to achieve— and is well worth it in the long run.



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