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Website Analytics

As the industry’s web analytics technology continues to evolve, the output more so than ever is large quantities of raw data. The challenge lies in how to collect relevant data, interpret this data and put the data into some context. How can the data be used to measure and improve your site’s effectiveness?

Simply tracking page views or site traffic is only one piece of the puzzle. Understanding visitor’s behavior once on the site and understanding how they got there are the keys to success. Analytics data provides powerful information to do just that. eSynergize Online Solutions can help by tracking and interpreting that data, then using the knowledge to continuously improve your results.

Metrics and Measurements

What are the metrics and measurements that indicate how successful your business is performing?  Establishing or refining these Key Performance Indicators (or KPI’s) will help define essential data elements you will need to collect. Focusing on your KPI’s allows you to navigate through the sea of raw data and focus instead on statistics that define how the business is performing.

Gathering the data requires having the right analytics software package installed on your site.  eSynergize will help in the selection process as well as installation and configuration.  The result yields rich data allowing for the calculation of your KPI’s as well as providing other critical information offering valuable insight.

Lastly and most importantly is the business analysis of the entire analytics data set.  eSynergize will perform detailed analysis including establishing baseline metrics, data validation and gap analysis.  Additioanally, eSynergize's team includes members with Google's Reporting and Analysis certification. The objective is to understand your data, how the data is linked to performance and utilize the data to determine how best to improve your site and grow your business.

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